About Us

We take great pride in introducing ourselves as Indian Law Firm consisting of legal professionals & legal field related other professionals for Legal Services to the non resident Indian (NRI) overseas in India. A corner to open their heart and be in touch with their legal matters pending in India. Living thousands of miles away from your hometown, there are times when you need to resolve a legal matter pending in India or a legal service and do not know where to go. NRI Law Offices is established and managing by Dual Qualified Lawyer with the aim to provide all kinds of legal services under one roof in India to the Non Resident Indian living around the World. Founder of NRI Law Offices is qualified as a Solicitor of Supreme Court of England & Wales from Oxford Brookes University, London and admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales and graduated in Law in India in 2002 & admitted as an Advocate with Bar Council of Punjab & Haryana, Chandigarh (India). Founder of NRI Law Offices has first developed his passion for the practice as an Advocate in Punjab (India) with couple of lawyers and working staff, Specializing in the area of all kinds of Non Residents Indian matters (NRI) Cases, matters, Divorce, Marriage Law, Family Law, Immigration, Corporate, Banking, Accident Claim, Criminal, Debt Recovery, Insurance Claim, IPR & TM. He has done a deep research on International Law, International Criminal Court & Human Rights globally.

The ambition of launching this website, is to serve the Non Resident Indian (NRI) with the legal information about Indian laws & procedures, those are living around the World from very away from their home town in India.

Our experienced team and expert associate professionals strive to provide a confidential, efficient and unrivalled service in all branches of law e.g. land, tenancy, Land use, Landlord and tenant, Intellectual property, family law, personal injury plaintiffs, probate, real estate, sexual harassment, civil litigation, civil rights, criminal, Wills trusts estates, company law, tax and human rights etc.

Lawyers associated with this firm appear in the Supreme Court of India, High Court of Delhi, High Court of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal, High Courts in other parts of India, all lower Courts of Punjab and Haryana, District Consumer Courts of Punjab and Haryana and at many other jurisdiction in India

At NRI Law Offices, we know that accurate and timely expert advice could mean the difference between losing or winning a case. Our impeccable record speaks for itself where our intimate knowledge and application of the law has turned weak cases into winning ones. The majority of NRI’s are not au-fait with the legal procedures and protocols not to mention the delays of the Indian Legal System and often fail to litigate or defend through ignorance or apathy. This is where the trusted brand of Chess aims to minimise all these hassles and delays by providing confidential and dependable legal advice and taking the stress and strain on your behalf so that your daily routine is not affected.

Our fees vary case by case but are very competitive given that you will not have to make numerous trips to India to appear in Court(s) not to mention the loss of earnings whilst away from home as well your personal safety in serious cases.

Our Objective

As our objective was to make available legal services which are affordable and hassle free we are accessible easily and most economically. Internet technology has made communication easier and effective for people in any part of the world and also to keep high level of communications within our organization. Net based tracking of all matters allows very swift responses in communication regarding any kind of information throughout our network.