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Legal Advice for Partition and Share in Property

Partition of Property and to get share in the property is a very complex procedure especially where the other joint co-owners are not ready for partition and providing share in the property as per legal rights amicably. So if you have share in the property along with your other sibling and they are not ready to give your entitle share, then NRI Law Offices team are there to help you in partition of the property through legal course of action and to get your share in the property. Suit for partition & share in property can be filed in the jurisdiction of civil courts where the property in question is situated.

If you being a Non Resident Indian and unable to come to India to attend each and every date of hearing in the civil suit then the suit for partition and share in property can be filed through power of attorney without coming to India.

As facts of the matter in dispute & process vary from case to case, and also depends upon the nature of property, so you are welcome to contact us in person for advise in detail. Our team is well versed with court litigation related to Partition and Share in Ancestral or other Property.

For more information and detailed advise, you are welcome to write us at or call at +91 947 852 6909 or take appointment for in-person meeting.