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Attestation & Apostile of Documents

Apostilie Service in India

Apart from our other Legal Services, we also provide attestation by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (Apostille) service to our Resident Indian, Non-Resident Indians, and international clients.

Documents issued in one country which need to be used in another country must be authenticated and legalized or Apostilled before they can be recognized as valid in the foreign country. Such documents range from degrees, transcripts, powers of attorney and other legal papers. If the country where you intend to use your documents is a member of the Hague Convention, you need you documents attested by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (Apostille).

Apostille (Attestation by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs) can be obtained on birth certificates, death, power of attorney, marriage certificates, educational certificates and affidavits. Before getting the Attestation by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs all the concerned documents must be legalized and authenticated. Our aim is to relieve you of this burden too. We also do the authentication and legalization before Apostille.

Duly Apostilled (Attested by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs) documents along with other originals (if any) will be shipped for free any where in India by a reputed courier, however for international addresses the client has to pay the Courier charges as per prevailing rate for international shipping. We mainly use only FedEx / DHL for international shipping.

Documents Required

Original documents.
Copy of Passport
Name of Country for which you need the documents Apostilled

Attestation and Legalisation / Registration of Documents in India

As part of our Legal Services, we provide well drafted & duly attested documents to our clients as per their need of hour and legal situation.

An attested document is required for so many purposes, including but not limited to translated copy of documents, mark sheets, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and property documents etc.

We do in-house Certification and Attestation of documents. The certification is valid through out India and even outside of India. The documents we attest include Non-judicial Affidavits, Judicial Affidavits, Undertakings, Indemnity bonds, Copy of Property Deeds and Copy of transcripts etc. We have in-house Notary Public Associates for Attestation of Indian documents. We would Attest/Notarise your documents with a serial number and “Valid Outside of India’ seal wherever applicable.

Duly attested Documents along with originals will be shipped for free any where in India by Reputed courier, however for international addresses the shipping will be charged on actual basis as per prevailing Courtier rate.

Documents Required

Copy of Documents with original documents.

For more information in detail, you are welcome to CONTACT US for legal advise for Attestation, Registration or Apostile of Documents