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Illegal Trasnfer of Property in India

The legal way to transfer the property are i) Transfer by way of inheritance in favour of legal heirs ii) Transfer through Purchase of Property iii) Transfer by way of Gift or Blood Relation. In case you being a NRI found that there are some suspicious circumstances arose and property has been transfer by illegal means in which you vested your share and right then a Civil as well as Criminal remedy can be availed in India by filing of Civil Suit as well as Criminal Complaint to the Police in the competent jurisdiction and Authority. We at NRI Law Offices has vast experienced team of lawyers who have successfully dealt with such cases and you are welcome to contact us for the legal assistance in case of illegal transfer of the property in which you have share and right. It has been seen in our practice that after death of the father or mother, some brother(s) sister(s) lives in India with malafide intention and taking undue advantage of their other brother(s) sister(s) living abroad, got transfer the property(ies) in their favour without disclosing the name of their NRI brother(s) sister(s) or any other related person who are living abroad while getting transfer the property in their favour before the competent concerned authority. We at NRI Law Offices are dealing and handling the legal matters related to illegal transfer of property including the following legal cases:-

  • Illegal Occupation of Property
  • Illegal Transfer of Ownership
  • Transfer of Property by Forged Documents
  • Right in Ancestral Property
  • Fraud with Property
  • False Will & Other Fabricated Documents
  • Property Ownership Documents Search & Verification
  • Declaration & Partition of Property
  • Sale or Purchase of Property in Punjab
  • Property on Lease
  • Drafting & Registration of Sale Deed / Lease Deed / Rent Agreement

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