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Illegal Occupation of Property in India

Indian law's give lot of preference/ judicial protection even if the possessor is the lawful owner or not, to protect unlawful acts against the possessor. In Indian laws possession is considered as physical control over the land/building in question. Generally the problem is grave in respect of Non Resident Indians who being absent in India, has to depend upon friends or relatives who sometime with the help of certain forged documents hold the property as their own.

In such cases of illegal possession, help of both civil remedies and criminal laws has to be taken. In this regard Punjab government has taken a lead by creating NRI wing police station at Mohali with State level jurisdiction headed by Additional Director General of Police Rank officer. A.D.G.P./ NRI would be a Nodal Officer to handle cases of NRI's and would have power to transfer any NRI case to Mohali NRI Police Station. At present Eleven NRI police stations have been created in Punjab covering the whole state under the direct control of A.D.G.P. NRI at Mohali. Besides Police complaints, judicial intervention can also be obtained by Seeking Judicial direction from the court of competent jurisdiction to the police in which case a private complaint has to be filed in the court by the NRI. Our Law Firm offer support in filling, representing and monitoring such complaints and litigation through our representatives expert lawyers and competent advocates on records on the basis of Special Power of Attorney to challenge such matter in the court and it would be endeavour of the Law Firm to restore the legal rights. We can also conduct out of court settlement with the possession holder in case of dire need upon the desire and approval of the NRI.

We at the NRI Law Offices can assist you in drafting the complaint before NRI Wing of Punjab Police and can represent you in India and file appropriate litigations and pursue police complaint if needed with concerned authority. We have experienced team that has been performing such functions for years.

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